US-Quel'Thalas - A:BFA & Legion Deluxe, active subscription, 7 characters 110.

Price: 208.20 USD

  • Region:US
  • Server:US-Quel'Thalas - A
  • Level: 120
  • Class: Rogue
  • Item Level: 200
  • Pets: 224
  • Mounts: 154
  • Achievement: 9000
  • Rare Mounts: Son of Galleon / Antoran Charhound / Ashes of Al'ar
  • Blizzard Authenticator: No
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More Description

  • All Roles Screenshot
  • Bind Blizzard Authenticator
  • Remove Authenticator

Couldn't post all the pictures, there are here:

Total gold: 90,000.

This account has a lot of transmog items for every class, a lot of roleplay items too, some important PvP achievements such as: Challenger, Rival, Just the two of us: 2200. Quarter million gold in auctionable gear, items and mats saved in the own account guild bank and characters' banks. It has 30 days of game, Legion and BFA deluxe edition.

Here is the character list:  (It's in spanish)



·Cazadora, humana de nivel 110.
·Maga, humana de nivel 110.
·Bruja, humana de nivel 110.
·Monje, humano de nivel 110.
·Pícaro, huargen de nivel 110.
·Guerrero, huargen de nivel 110.
·Cazadora de demonios, elfa de la noche de nivel 110.
·Cazador de demonios, elfo de sangre nivel 106.
·Caballero de la muerte, huargen de nivel 105.
·Sacerdote, huargen de nivel 92.
·Guerrero, huargen de nivel 91.
·Paladín, humana de nivel 91.
·Druida, tauren de nivel 90.
·Brujo, no-muerto de nivel 90.
·Brujo, huargen de nivel 66.
·Guerrera, humana de nivel 65.
·Pícara, humana de nivel 65.
·Druida, huargen de nivel 29.
·Banquero, huargen de nivel 2 [tiene banco de hermandad propio y este personaje es usado como almacén de objetos valiosos].


·Paladín, elfo de sangre de nivel 91.
·Chamán, orco (hembra) de nivel 90.
·Maga, elfa de sangre de nivel 69.


·Caballero de la muerte, elfa de sangre de nivel 59.
·Cazadora, elfa de la noche de nivel 57.

Bind Blizzard Authenticator

1. Download Blizzard Authenticator 

Please click this link to download Blizzard Authenticator on your mobile device.

It supports IOS System and Android System.


2. Set Up Blizzard Authenticator

1)Open Blizzard Authenticator On your mobile device, click “Set Up Authenticator”(image1), then enter your account and password.(image 2)



2).Save Screenshot and countinue


3) Then login your Account On Web or Client App, Enter Security Code you received from Blizzard Authenticator App.



P.SIf it comes to this page (image.6) when you log in Account, please open your Blizzard Authenticator App on your phone And ClickApprove Button(image.7).

Ofc course, you can also click Use Authenticator Security Code(image.6), and enter the code you received from Blizzard Authenticator App.



3. If you have Blizzard Authenticator Restore Code, please click Have a Restore code


Enter your Serial And Restore Code (image.9), click “submit”, and you will receive security code. And enter security code in your App(image.10).



Remove Authenticator

How to remove Blizzard Authenticator 

1).Log in Account on Website, click “Security” option on the left side of Details page. ( image.1)

( image.1)

2). Find “BLIZZARD AUTHENTICATOR”on the details page, click “UPDATE”. (image.2) 


3). Click “REMOVE AUTHENTICATOR”.(image.3)


4).  Click “Remove”.(image.4)


5) . Enter the security code you received from Blizzard Authenticator App (image.5), then click “Submit”.