Fortnite:save the world standard edition

Price: 4.50 USD

  • Server:PVE
  • Server: PC
  • Full Email Access: No
  • Homebase Power: 0
  • Edition: Standard Edition
  • Campaign quests: T1:Stonewood
  • V-Bucks Amount: 100
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More Description

  • Quest Progress
  • Storage

What is Email access? And on which platform can you play Fortnite?

With full email access means you have the ability to login the mailbox.
1.For Full email access: No
You can only modify the password and can’t change its platform or mailbox.
2.For Full email access: Yes

The console server it shows means that it already bound with this platform, so you can’t bind your own console account. 

If you want to bind your own PS4 & XBox & Switch account after purchasing, you must purchase a Fortnite account with full email access and only with PC platform.

How to bind your console account:
Information: V-Bucks Amount:100