Fortnite:Level: 35 | Battlepass Level: 0 | Skins: 1 | Vbucks: 0

Price: 7.70 USD

  • Server:PVP
  • Server: PC
  • Full Email Access: Yes
  • Account Level: 35
  • Last season Battle Pass level: 0
  • V-Bucks Amount: 0
  • Outfits Amount: 1
  • Back Bling Amount: 1
  • Pickaxes Amount: 1
  • Gliders Amount: 3
  • Dances Amount: 1
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More Description

What is Email access? And on which platform can you play Fortnite?

With full email access means you have the ability to login the mailbox.
1.For Full email access: No
You can only modify the password and can’t change its platform or mailbox.
2.For Full email access: Yes

The console server it shows means that it already bound with this platform, so you can’t bind your own console account. 

If you want to bind your own PS4 & XBox & Switch account after purchasing, you must purchase a Fortnite account with full email access and only with PC platform.

How to bind your console account:


=> No Skin But Account Valid

=>Back Bling>

=> Standard Issue


=> Default Pickaxe


=> Default Glider
=> The Umbrella
=> Beach Umbrella


=> Dance Moves


=> Fortnite Birthday!
=> Ace

=>Loading Screens>

=> Llama Spotted
=> Drift


Account Creation Date: (5/2/2018 10:39:27 PM)
LifeTime Wins (1)
Season Level (1)
Account Level (35)
Has Current Battlepass: True
Has Save The World > False
Has Vbucks > False
Main Platform Used: EpicPC
Platforms Used/Linked:
Can Send Gift: True
Can Recieve Gift: True
Completed 1ST BDay Challenges: No
Plays On Galaxy Note 9: No
Has Twitch Prime Pack #1: No
Has Twitch Prime Pack #2: No
Has Bought Starter Pack: No
Has Mail Access: Yes